The diary of no ordinary dog

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In case you haven’t realized it yet, Glens are a very special breed. Full of unique traits, with a kooky and loving personality matched by a funny look, these dogs hide even more curiosities that are guaranteed to blow your mind!

  1. The Glen of Imaal Terrier is one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. In fact, one Daily Mail article stated that Glens are fewer than pandas, with only 25 bitches remaining in Britain. In the US, there are few Glens, but they are gaining popularity thanks to determined enthusiasts and breeders.
  2. They are famous for “the Glen sit”, a cute pose typically not seen in other breeds, where a dog sits on its hind and manages to keep a vertical position for the entire body.
  3. Glens are not very good swimmers, due to their short legs and long body. But if you train your dog well and use a life jacket, you can have a reliable swimming partner by your side.
  4. Compared to other terriers, Glens are blessed with a more silent nature. They don’t need to bark as much, and moreover, people often say they are more “trainable” than their cousins.
  5. The Glen of Imaal Terrier is “the only dwarf breed in Ireland”. Very much like in human dwarfs, this genetic condition is responsible for the disproportional features of Glens: short, bow-legged legs, long body, and large head.


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