The secret of the cute Glen sit

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A skilled hunter with superior digging “tools”, a Glen of Imaal Terrier is one energetic dog. At the same time, a Glen makes for a loving, sensitive family dog who would love nothing more than sit on his owner’s lap.

There are lots of curious contradictions surrounding this rare Irish dog breed, but nothing is cuter than their traditional “Glen sit”. If you haven’t heard of it, well, check out the hilarious photos of Glens sitting on their hind legs, with their back perfectly straight. Very similar to a human sitting position, the “Glen sit” has become famous. There aren’t many dog breeds who can perform it.

But what’s the secret behind the Glen’s cute sitting pose? What you must first remember is Glen’s hunting and working past, which is embedded in his DNA. To a Glen of Imaal Terrier owner of modern days, this could brew potential trouble. Here you have an agile and energetic dog, with nothing to do but dig and chase furry wildlife.

That’s why training is essential for a perfect relationship with your Glen. And things often don’t go smooth when training your puppy, so you must arm yourself with a good dose of patience and humor.  But when you start to gain your Glen’s respect and establish your “alpha dog” position, amazing things will happen!

Because a trained Glen is a happy dog, with a strong desire to please its master. To gain its attention, or raise a laugh. That’s when “the Glen sit” comes into play – a trained Glen of Imaal Terrier will be able to perform this pose beautifully, and use it whenever they want their parent’s attention.

And it works like a charm every single time, because who would deny those warm, human-like eyes and the funny “Glen sit”? Could YOU?


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4 comments on “The secret of the cute Glen sit

  • Pat Slattery

    Good day to you.
    I spoke with you today at the Limerick show, where you asked me to contact you by email. I thank you for your time today,it was a pleasure talking to you.
    Best wishes for the show ring.
    Pat Slattery.
    Ennis .
    Co. Clare.


    Hi Dr.
    My wife and I are empty nester looking to fill the void left by the passing of our doxie with a quieter pup as we move into retirement.
    We live in El Paso, TX and have a fenced back yard and room to roam.
    Just wondering if you are still breeding Glens and if you anticipate having any pups in the foreseeable future?
    Thanks in advance for your response and promoting Glens,


  • Torrie Dutton

    My glen sits like that and you can refuse the sweet pose for anything

  • James

    Thats about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.