Theresa Nesbitt

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Theresa Nesbitt is an Obstetrician Gynecologist with specialty training in genetics and maternal fetal medicine.  Although she has retired from an active medical practice she remains very involved with women’s wellness as “Dr Theresa” and teaches around the world.

Theresa has always had a passion for her pets and animals in general. In addition to adopting and rehabbing many abandoned dogs she also worked at the Philadelphia Zoo while still in high school. She has found a number of ways to apply her medical background to help both people and dogs live a longer and healthier life.  She started a not for profit Weight Waggers which promotes healthy movement and weight loss for dogs and people.

When it comes to dog breeding and glens in particular, Theresa has found a great outlet for her interest in population genetics and breed preservation as well as a particular clinical interest – achondroplasia or dwarfism.  Glens have

Despite her other activities, it’s her passion for the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers that made this website a reality. To Theresa, Glens are a living breathing embodiment of the many things she loves about the Irish land, people and traditions. Although she was born in the United States and has lived there for most of her life, Ireland the native land of her ancestors, has alway been an endless source of fascination and curiosity.

The first time Theresa set foot on the Irish soil, it simply felt like home. Glens soon became a piece of her magical Ireland she felt she had to protect – a living symbol of a country that is rough and modern filled with whimsy and wit.

That’s why Theresa is a fierce advocate of keeping the Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers true to tradition with their “Tyrion Lannister” looks and their quirky and unusual character. But most of all, she hopes this website will become your “Glen treasure chest,” filled with precious info about the breed you won’t find anywhere else.

We should all be so lucky to see a Glen of Imaal Terrier through Theresa’s eyes!